Late Fall Update - PoliTraQ

October 28, 2020

While things may have been outwardly quiet over the past few months, internally there’s been a frenzy of activity going on behind-the-scenes at PoliTraQ headquarters.

Some of it - like winning $10,000 from the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre Regional Pitch Competition - quite positive.

Other parts - which I won’t get into here - less so. Good and bad, it’s still further along than things were when PoliTraQ launched in January. Hasn’t always gone as planned - but, then again, what in 2020 has?

Now, as we enter the final stretches of what has been a very unusual year, I’m really excited to roll out a feature that has been in very high demand.


Earlier this year, PoliTraQ rolled out a beta Proposal generation tool. Using your pre-created boilerplate text and a few quick inputs, the tool would whip-up a customized .pdf proposal for your prospective client.

However, this version had a number of shortcomings. It could only populate one, largely uncustomizable template, and depended on a surprisingly complicated series of processes under the hood.

With the new process, Proposals are templated from (and downloaded as) .docx files. This provides users with a much greater degree of out-of-the-box customization.

Users can choose between the default Proposal template, or create and upload their own - either to PoliTraQ, or with one click from their Dropbox account. The default template contains all of the fields contained in a Proposal, and can serve as a helpful guide to customizing your own.

In the coming weeks I will be expanding the document templating tool across the platform. Soon, you will be able to quickly and easily create File and Client one-pagers, detailed engagement reports, reporting dashboards, and more.

Of course, if there are particular document templates that would be useful to you and your team, feel free to drop me a line and I can add it to the list!

By using a GR-focused CRM like PoliTraQ, you and your team will be able to make real, data-driven decisions, monitor progress on KPI’s and demonstrate the value of your advocacy efforts. To learn more or to arrange a demo, please visit PoliTraQ or email

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