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May 12, 2020
New Features Roadmap Blog

It’s been a little while since I’ve published a new features update. Over the past few months, I’ve mostly been prioritizing behind-the-scenes updates - code refactors, UI tweaks, and the like. Some of these had been on my to-do list for a while. By taking care of these changes now, the PoliTraQ code base will be easier to maintain moving forward - positioning the platform for growth down the road, while making it faster to fix any bugs or issues that may appear.

As far as new features go, here are two that I think will make the biggest impact on your practice moving forward.

Email to Engagement

It goes without saying - the best way to get someone to use a new tool, is to eliminate as many barriers to adoption as possible.

When you send an email, the last thing on your mind is “I need to go record this in the CRM.” You’re busy, you’ll get to it later… except, you never do.

Well now, you don’t have to. At the top of the Engagements page, you’ll see an email address unique to your team. From now on, all you have to do is cc or bcc this email address on your outbound emails, and they’ll save directly to your database.

Now, before you get worried wbout all your colleagues seeing all your emails, there are safeguards in place:


This is far one of the most-requested features to date, and I’m very excited to roll this out today.

Campaigns allow you to build a micro-strategy and plan of action to guide your engagements. Within your Campaign plan, you’ll be able to chart and follow a deliberate, strategic path for your advocacy efforts, assign and manage deliverables, and track progress towards your overall objectives.

Campaign3 Campaigns consist of three key elements - Objectives, Initiatives, and Tactics.

Campaign4 Objectives are your top-line goals for your Campaign. Supporting each Objective will be one or more

Campaign5 Initiatives, which represent broad-stroke actions you will take to implement the Objectives of your Campaign. Each Initiative will include one or more

Tactics. Tactics are assigned to specific team members, with defined metrics for achievement. Tactics have clearly-defined targets (which can be classified as Quantitative, Qualitative, or Mixed-Method), deadlines, and accountability measures.

Campaign7 Campaign8 Campaigns put all of your related details together on one page, with a clear path of action for your team to follow. You can update Campaign Tactics assigned to you - tracking progress, or acknowledging changes and pivots if Tactics prove no longer viable - all from your Campaign entry.

Campaign7 Campaign8 Campaign7 Campaigns are fully-integrated with Tasks. This allows you to add your assigned Tactics to your to-do list with one click - keeping your Campaign responsibilities front of mind.

This tool still is in Beta, and there may still be tweaks or adjustments needed to make. Should you encounter any issues, or have recomendations/requests to make Campaigns work better for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Coming Soon

Lastly, a quick preview of some of the items on the development roadmap moving forward. These are items I’m aiming to have built and implemented within the next couple of months. Regular updates will be posted - both here, as well as the PoliTraQ LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

  1. Proposals - Built into the Prospecting tool, I’m currently working on an integrated tool to produce and track customizable PDF proposals for prospective clients. By leveraging pre-filled details about your team, coupled with an easily-repeatable template, Proposals will save you hours preparing RFP submissions, quotes, and other frequently-produced products. Additionally, while Proposals will leverage a collection of template models, a stretch goal for this item is to include the ability to use your own previously-developed document templates - though this may wind up being a “Version 1.2” feature.

  2. Social media integration - monitor your contacts’ social posts from inside the PoliTraQ platform.

  3. Report Exports - These have already been implemented, but its still a pretty rough beta at this point. In the coming weeks, polishing-up these templates will be a priority.

To find out more about how PoliTraQ can help your government relations practice, or to arrange a demo, please visit our website or email

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